About us

JSC “TOMAK” is a company with the glorious 70-year history and one of the largest producers of trade and processing equipment. The engineering plant can design and manufacture custom-tailored automated equipment in the shortest possible time. For example, automatized cloak-room, automats for selling tickets, cards (telephone, Internet) or for selling piece goods (dosed coffee, tea, cappuccino, gum etc.). 

The vending or trading through automat is popular all over the world. The leader in this field is Japan, where about 60% of all sales are carried out in this way. In Ukraine this kind of business is not that much developed. But gradually in our country the automats for selling tokens, newspapers, magazines, telephone cards, aerated drinks, bear and hot drinks also begin to show up. 

JSC “TOMAK” is only large-scaled producer of likewise production in Ukraine. Our specialists always open to requests of customers and try to find the best variant of problem solving.

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